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Key Contact:  Simon Durham, MD

Kinetic is the global leader in understanding how brands can connect with people's lifestyles and the environments they engage with when away from the homeIf there's an effective way to communicate with people on the move, we'll find it. From roadside posters to digital screens, and everything in between, we have an ongoing commitment to delivering the most accountable and cost-effective solution. Our expertise and insight allows us to deliver solutions for our clients that achieve brand and marketing goals.

Kinetic Ireland has offices in Dublin & Belfast. However, the Kinetic network reaches across the globe. From offices in 33 cities in 23 countries, we offer dedicated expertise in consultancy, planning and buying solutions and have developed strong partnerships with clients, agencies, suppliers, media owners and technologists.

Our approach to OOH media planning and the delivery of our work is reflected in Kinetic Pathway, our planning and buying framework.

Kinetic Pathway

This enables us to deliver smarter, more effective and measureable plans which dovetail with the media agency and client planning process. Kinetic Pathway helps us to ask the right questions at the right time and tell us which tools, techniques and other resources are applicable and when. A 360º approach from brief to evaluation grounded in business and marketing objectives, delivering an Out of Home strategy and plan that is consumer centric. Facilitation of individual, engaging and innovative OOH strategies is supported by ACADEMY, our bespoke suite of planning and buying tools.

Pathway: brief

The first stage on the Pathway process is the Brief. This is to ensure we understand the deliverables of the campaign; client input is crucial. Kinetic has implemented checks and balances to ensure that the briefs received are interrogated as fully as possible.

  • Who is the client/brand?
  • What are the client's objectives? For example:
  • Increase sales volume/profit
  • Improve brand consideration scores
  • Drive brand awareness
  • New product launch
  • Drive web/shop traffic/solicit a response
  • Competitive context. Who is the competition? What are they doing? Are there any implications for our activity?
  • Is there a communication strategy in place/in development? What media is being considered as part of this brief? What is the role of OOH?
  • When do they want to run activity and why? Is there a particular event or reason behind seasonality?
  • What is the budget?

Academy: competitor

At the briefing stage, Competitor can really add value to putting a client's needs into context.  Competitor is our suite of tools to track competitive expenditure. Competitor provides comprehensive competitive data across a wide range of sectors and clients. Its main advantage lies in filling the gap between the start of the campaign and the publication of industry data.

Competitor tracking details campaigns by formats, weights and cycle for brands in a number of categories. An average rate by format is applied to give an approximate rate card spend by brand by cycle.

Competitor also offers additional strategic insight such as media owner share. The data can be viewed as spend or panels. Data can be analysed across the following categories:

  • Category
  • Media Owner
  • Advertiser / Brand
  • Campaign Period
  • Format
  • Cost

Kinetic also works closely with the OMA (Outdoor Media Association) and to deliver the industry agreed OOH expenditure figures. Our Competitor expenditure database details expenditure by brand, advertiser, sub-category and category by month.  Kinetic produces monthly expenditure bulletins which are circulated to clients and agencies.

Competitor can be used pre-campaign on receipt of the brief to help decide strategy and also post-campaign to look at historical data.

Pathway: insight & vision

Understanding the target audience and environment is key to developing the Out of Home strategy. Kinetic planners have a number of tools and services are their disposal to help better understand specific target audiences and formats in the OOH market. Understanding the lifestyles and behaviours of audiences outside the home, where they go and how they spend their time, helps us to build more effective campaigns.

Researcher is our post-campaign research programme conducted by Millward Brown Lansdowne.  Research is conducted on-street and to date we have interviewed over 160,000 respondents as part of the Researcher Programme. Researcher can tell us the top scoring campaigns by target audience in terms of recall, liking and call to action. It can also give insight into creative and also format selection and weights.

TGI, the lifestyle and attitudinal database, adds depth to consumer understanding. TGI provides insights and ideas on a wide range of topics.  As well as looking at individual brand and category information, it also looks at consumers buying behaviour, shopping habits across a range of categories, lifestyles and opinions on key areas and is a valuable tool to have to build consumer profiles.

Kinetic Ireland subscribes to Brand Z, the world's largest brand equity database. BrandZ is an invaluable resource, containing data on brands gathered from interviews with over 150,000 people every year in up to 400 studies around the world.  The research can help to demonstrate what formats should be included in the media plan based on how a particular brand performs in the Brand Pyramid (BrandDynamics Pyramid shows the number of consumers who have reached certain levels of loyalty from Presence to Bonding) and also Brand Signature (Brand Signature identifies marketing challenges and opportunities for brands by comparing them with other brands in its categories)

Proprietary research into specific topics also delivers interesting insights which feed into the Insight & Vision stage of the Pathway. For example, our Digital Face Tracking project investigated consumer interactions with digital Transvisions in the rail environment. 

Pathway: Strategy

Next, we move to the strategy stage of the Pathway. This involves strategising which formats will maximise the campaign reach and how best to reach the target audience through format and location selection.

Selector is our online tool to rationalise OOH format selection for specific audiences and campaign objectives. It ensures that we deliver campaigns that meet your specific objectives and will also be highly visible to your target audience. A key benefit is that it is also used to highlight other suitable formats or environments which may not have been considered.

Selector considers three factors

o i) Penetration of the chosen audience (Cover %) by format based on TGI (efficiency)

o ii) Indexing of format performance v All Adults based on TGI

o iii) A scoring system for each format based on its ability to fulfil specific campaign objectives. This calls on Kinetic knowledge and expertise as architects of OOH planning and buying.

JNOR (Joint National Outdoor Research) is also employed at the strategy stage.  JNOR is the industry research measurement tool and measures the Cover and Frequency of Out of Home campaigns across a number of formats as well as GRPs (Gross Rating Points) and CPTs (Cost per Thousand). Kinetic employs JNOR to examine ways of driving greater effectiveness for clients.  Each Outdoor format delivers varying levels of cover and frequency across different geographical regions. We use our extensive knowledge of this to make recommendations on how best to buy OOH depending on the brand objectives and brief.

Our Destination Directory is also consulted at the Strategy stage to consider if there is a role available for ambient media.  The Destination Directory is a database of all non-traditional or available in Ireland. It is searchable by audience, environment, media owner or format. This allows a planner at the touch of a button to see all the available opportunities in a niche market at a glance. This means, not only are all opportunities available to be considered, but gives more negotiation opportunities too.

Pathway: planning

Next we move to the Planning stage where we take information from the brief, insight and vision and strategy to devise the plan indicating the formats and locations chosen and creative advice also.

Locator is our cutting-edge mapping tool which allows geographical analyses of individual poster locations ensuring that all campaigns are targeted and well distributed. All sites in RoI & NI are uploaded on the system, with their site number, panel type, media owner, location and photo. Locator allows for

  • Location Targeting
  • Store Targeting
  • Proximity Targeting to venues
  • Route Planning
  • Pre-Campaign Distribution Viewing    

The ability to target using very granular data - whether that's industry audience data, your own sales data or targeting by dealership is a unique offering.

Designer is Kinetic's suite of creative pre-testing tools to test that your creative is effective and will deliver cut-through before it goes to print. Designer provides clients and agencies with an opportunity to review creative options in a ‘live' environment prior to print production. There are a number of tools available:

Mirage is our static design test which enables clients and agencies to determine how a campaign will be viewed on the street. It can be used on any OOH format and the design can be viewed at close range and long distance as well as by day and by night.

The next element of Designer is Tru Vu; our video design test which takes into account the moving environment. Using the latest technology pdfs can be uploaded to show what your campaign will look like on the street, delivering a high quality video.

Kinetic Create is our in-house design facility to help with digital campaigns, poster design and OOH innovations. We use impressive tools from the Adobe Creative Suite Family to help deliver stand-out campaigns. We keep clients ahead of the curve by providing insight and opinion on emerging technologies and identifying cross platform opportunities to amplify OOH campaigns.

At the planning stage, Classifier is used to ensure the campaign is delivering a quality score.  Classifier is our site scoring system and ensures that you achieve the best quality campaign available for your budget. Sites are scored using a number of criteria:

  • Position
  • Visibility Range
  • Angle to Road
  • Competition
  • Illumination

The system is updated on an ongoing basis every cycle. 

Pathway: evaluation

The final stage on the Pathway is Evaluation which measures the campaign success against any of the deliverables outlined in the Brief Stage. Any learnings or feedback from the campaign are communicated to both client and agency through a number of Kinetic tools.

Inspector is our dedicated monitoring service. 100% of Kinetic campaigns are inspected each cycle ensuring all damages/late postings are reported, repair dates received and credits secured on a 32-county basis.

Researcher, our post-campaign research programme, delivers insights into questions such as was my campaign seen? did people like it? receive the message we wanted to deliver? will they try/buy my product as a result? We deliver results for all adults (15-49 years), by age, sex, social group, target market and existing users. Research can be conducted over a number of cycles and the results can be tracked. All results are benchmarked against averages from campaigns previously researched to examine how well they scored. Post campaign research also gives insights into decay levels, importance of creative and effective formats by target audience.

An audience measurement score is also delivered through JNOR showing the reach and frequency of the campaign. Instead of providing clients with an OTS (Opportunity to See) score, JNOR calculates the VAC (Visibility Adjusted Contacts), a probability based, likelihood to see score. A frequency and GRP score is also delivered. For any clients that are audited it is particularly important that the parameters outlined at the brief stage are achieved.

Competitor pix is our database of campaign photos from 1999 to date. Campaigns from every cycle are digitally photographed and stored on the database. Photographs of your campaign and competitive campaigns are taken and emailed to you daily. Site tours are also organised frequently to show the client the campaign in the Out of Home environment.

Kinetic Publications

At Kinetic we pride ourselves on our objectivity and thought leadership. We have informed and up-to-date views on industry developments, consumer trends and the changing nature of media and we seek to stay constantly at the-forefront of the fast-changing world of global communications.

For industry insights, news and the latest developments, sign up to our:

‘OOH news' is a fortnightly email review of all that is happening in Out of Home both at a local and international level taken from newspapers and trade press.

‘Innovations' is a monthly email bulletin of OOH Innovations that were active in Ireland and abroad detailing each innovation and how it worked.

‘Expenditure' is a monthly bulletin which outlines how the market performed in a particular month in terms of category spend, category increases and decreases and a comparison with the same month in the previous year. Bulletins are sent out for both RoI & NI.

Viewpoint is our bi-annual Newsletter which keeps you up-to-date on all happenings in the OOH market.

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