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PML Group is Ireland's biggest Out of Home media specialist. We are the market leaders in the planning and execution of Out of Home advertising campaigns across the island of Ireland and are part of the Posterscope worldwide network.

Our reputation and position have been built on bringing more to our clients' campaigns.....through expertise, quality, value and accountability. Established in 1982, PML is the longest established OOH media planning and buying specialist in Ireland, operating from offices in Dublin and Belfast with 41 employees. The group comprises: PML, Source out of home and the Poster Audit Bureau. PML was proud to partner with 12 out of the 14 winners in the 25th OMA Awards and won the 2014 Sales Team of the Year at The Media Awards.

Out of Home advertising can deliver results for your brand... and PML Group can deliver more return on your investment in Out of Home advertising.

PML Group has consistently reinvested profits into the unique tools and services we offer our clients and our investment in these areas is unequalled in the marketplace.

We offer expertise in planning and strategy in emerging areas including innovative, interactive and digital OOH.

PML Companies


PML is the largest and longest established independent Out of Home communications specialist in Ireland. PML is engaged in all aspects of the planning and buying of Out of Home media on behalf of Ireland's leading media agencies, media independents, advertising agencies and advertisers.


Source out of home Ireland was set up in January 2008, following the acquisition by PML Group of the Posterscope Ireland business. The establishment of Source out of home meant conflicting business within the group could be handled from separate offices and by separate client service teams. Clients of both PML and Source out of home enjoy full access to all group services and planning tools.

Ambient Plus 

Ambient media is now firmly established as a significant element in the Out of Home sector as a whole in Ireland. PML Group recognised its potential in 2000 in setting up AmbientPlus, our dedicated ambient planning and buying company. AmbientPlus is the only dedicated division specialises in non-traditional formats, evolving digital opportunities and creating bespoke solutions for clients on an ad-hoc basis.

Digital OOH centre 

Digital OOH centre is our dedicated digital Out of Home division. By delivering more impactful visuals and greater consumer engagement, Digital OOH brings new dynamics to the outdoor medium.

With advancing technologies and continued investment, the Digital OOH landscape is steadily evolving - and with accelerated growth expected over the coming years - it is now more important than ever to keep abreast of new and exciting opportunities.

Through our global alignment with Posterscope we have the necessary insights and skills that enable us to shape the future of Digital OOH in Ireland. We have the expertise to bring best practice to Digital OOH ensuring we can deliver the highest quality campaigns.

Poster Audit Bureau

An integral part of the PML Group offering, only Poster Audit Bureau provides an accountable 100% monitoring and site auditing service. Every poster site and every exterior transit format is inspected every cycle on the island of Ireland. This ensures peace of mind that your poster campaign is well maintained at all times.


To cater for the growing all Ireland, local and UK business our Belfast office was opened in 1988. 
In testament to the high levels of service and investment in the business over the years PML NI now commands the market leader position.

Bringing More...

Poster Impact 

Poster Impact, our post-campaign effectiveness research, measures awareness and design ratings of OOH advertising campaigns. Our Poster Impact has been enhanced from 2013 to include added value to the advertiser and include more insight into their campaign via an added question


Developed in 2009, iQ is an exclusive research and planning tool offered by PML Group. Based on our long established Poster Impact research service, iQ provides invaluable and revealing new insights into the Out of Home medium and its audience.

iQ efficiently integrates data on over 15,000 Out of Home campaigns researched and over 100,000 respondents to provide key trending information and audience profiling. It acts as a key planning tool in assisting format selection, targeting core audiences when and where they socialise, work and travel, in addition to profiling your campaigns against category, socio-demographic and industry benchmarks.

Updated every two weeks with 50 new campaigns and 300 new respondents, iQ and Poster Impact are a must in planning and evaluating your Out of Home campaigns.

In a sentence, iQ helps match audience to formats.

PinPoint Mapping

PinPoint Mapping is a Geo-demographic mapping system which assists in planning and targeting of PML Group campaigns. PinPoint Mapping allows us to target campaigns towards specific demographic groups, certain locations or regions, or types of businesses. For example, a confectionery brand may be interested in only using 6 sheets that are within 100 yards of cinemas in Dublin. PinPoint Mapping also ensures that inappropriate advertising is not located close to schools, churches etc..

PinPoint Mapping brings added efficiency to our campaigns.


PPR is a site quality rating system created independently by PML Group to ensure we book the highest quality campaigns on the highest quality sites. It means that our campaigns all must meet a minimum level of quality in terms of a number of key criteria including visibility, location and illumination. This ensures PML Group clients are getting the best quality campaigns for their investment.

Centrum Grading

Centum grading is an in-house panel who will grade your poster design in terms of a number of key criteria such as clarity, colour and branding. Recommendations are made on improvements based on our expertise in the effectiveness of poster designs on street. It means clients can get an expert view on the suitability of their design for the Out of Home environment. The result is that the design that hits the streets is the most effective and eye-catching that it can possibly be.

Poster Preview 

Poster Preview allows clients to see exactly how their creative execution will look like in a real Out of Home environment. It means clients can be assured that when their creative hits the streets the text will be legible, the branding will be clear and logos will be visible.


Address Details

First Floor, Harmony Court, Harmony Row, D02 VY52, Dublin 2

Contact Details

Tel: 01 668 2900
Fax: 01 668 2601

Dublin Office:


Contact: James Byrne


Belfast Office:

College House
Citylink Business Park
BT12 4HQ
Northern Ireland
Tel: +44 28 90 333714


Contact: Darren Jackson