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In the Company of Huskies

In the Company of Huskies is a digital creative agency that helps bring brands closer to people in the connected world.

We understand that brands are defined by what they do, not what they say. So we help our clients understand what people want from them, instead of the other way around. This approach has led to ground-breaking work, from helping Guinness deepen its connection with Irish people to putting Dublin back on the map for European tourists.

Our work works because we know that when you really understand what people want, you can produce products and services that genuinely enhance their lives - it's never just a piece of advertising, it's a dialogue.

Our agency is built around a core belief that puts people at the centre of everything we do. We understand how brands need to behave and have restructured our agency to help them do it.

We do this through data, insights, trends and a deep cultural understanding that allows us to create pictures of people with multiple need states. This allows us to create work that genuinely connects with people at the right time and place in a way that adds value to their lives - we become part of the conversation instead of interrupting it.

Address Details

1st Floor, Portview House, Thorncastle Street, Irishtown, Dublin 4

Contact Details

Tel: 01 668 1529
Fax: 01 668 0818