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Metro Herald


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Sales: +353 (0)1 705 5077
Marketing: +353 (0)1 705 5018
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Contact People:

  • Paul Crosbie, Managing Director
  • John Fitzpatrick, Financial Director
  • Alan Caulfield, Editor
  • Joanne Coughlan, Agency Sales Manager
  • Maria Towey, Distribution Manager
  • Aoife O'Regan, Marketing

Company Profile:

Metro Herald:

Metro Herald is a quality, free daily newspaper available across Greater Dublin.

Metro Herald distributes 65,000 copies a day between 7.00am and 9.30am. Newspapers are distributed on public transport networks (Dart, Luas, Suburban rail and buses) and in the high-traffic commuter zones of Greater Dublin, specifically targeting areas inhabited by urbanites. The majority of copies are hand-distributed by our army of Metro Herald Merchandisers; with people choosing to experience the ‘Metro Moment' as an essential part of their morning commute. The morning commute provides a window for concentrated media consumption and Metro Herald is one of the first media hits of the day.

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Metro Herald's editorial style is a combination of concise, fact-based local, national and international news stories, lifestyle features, daily entertainment guides, celebrity gossip and sports updates.

Metro Herald calls its target audience ‘Urbanites'. These are people who are 18-44 years old, full-time working and living in the Greater Dublin area. Urbanites make regular, well above average trips to bard, restaurants and the cinema. Research shows that this group has a much larger proportion of ‘early adopters' within it, making them leaders in fashion, technology, travel and entertainment trends. 

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e-MetroHerald is a free, online version of the newspaper that is ideal for those readers who may have not had the chance to pick up their copy of Metro Herald that day or who miss out on picking up a copy because they do not pass a distribution point.

Each morning over 50,000 subscribers to e-MetroHerald are sent an email inviting them to view the day's edition of Metro Herald. Readers are able to select their viewing preferences and share, at the click of a button, the day's e-MetroHerald with friends and colleagues.

Urban Life:

Urban Life is Metro Herald's innovative study of ‘Urbanites'- 18-44 year old, full-time working professionals in Greater Dublin. Urban Life covers all aspects of life in urban Dublin. Urban Life is the first online research panel to lift the lid on what makes Urbanites tick by understanding their views and opinions, their lifestyles and interests and what's hot and what's not in their lives at present.  Every six weeks we research the opinions of approx 1,000 Metro Herald readers on the panel, asking for their views on everything from current affairs to must-see movies. Each survey is sent by email to Urban Life members and surveys only take 15 minutes to complete.

Each of the surveys covers a different core topic such as shopping, travel, careers, finance, relationships, commuting and socialising. Hot topics, or ‘Urban Rants' allow Urbanites to speak their minds about a whole host of relevant areas. Urban Life is a commercially driven study as well as a consumer one and the results provide brand advertisers with the opportunity to receive regular deep insights into this unique demographic. 


Address Details

1st Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1

Contact Details

Tel: 01 705 5055
Fax: 01 705 5044
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